10 February 2017

NATA / BFA Commercial fine art aspirants,CAUTION

Dear Students and parents,

Before you take admission for NATA/CET in Fine or commercial art preparation please beware of institutes with attractive advertising and false claims.

FY Architecture / FY BFA failed students are appointed as part time /temporary teachers. Experts mentioned in their advertisements are either not experts or they don't turn up to the class.

They have stolen original teaching material from my web pages which is now outdated and using for teaching their students.

Please ask whether in your class there is a provision to cancel admission for any reason within 2 months period and whether full fees will be immediately refunded without asking any question.

(For your kind info, It is available only in my class and nowhere else.) 

Please ask why you don't have a branch in Dombivli? 
(For your kind info some of these franchisewallas had opened their branches in Dombivli a few years ago. While there is overwhelming response from students in my classes, these businessmen had to close down their Dombivli branches within a year lacking students in spite of their huge advertising.)